The Classy Puppy became from the concept created by The Hype Puppy (www.thehypepuppy.com) of bringing an affordable and immense catalog of apparel and accessories for pets that allow the owners the possibility of choosing and finding products for their pets that match their personality.

The Hype Puppy (www.thehypepuppy.com) built such a unite team of animal lovers that after some time became a family who love working together and supporting each other to reach together the common goals.

After getting such a good feedback with The Hype Puppy (www.thehypepuppy.com), we teamed up to make a different version of the same concept and offer a wide selection of pet products that are not necessarily streetwear oriented but more generic where all profiles of pet owners could find their space.

We contacted factories all around the globe to find the right suppliers and logistics system and created one of the widest catalogs of clothing and accessories for pets that you can find online! Always maintaining an affordable price range and always putting our customers as the number one priority.

After so much hard work and dedication from our team, The Classy Puppy is active and supplying thousands of customers per month from all over the world!

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Would you like to contact us? Send us a message on our "Contact Us" page or send us an email to support@theclassypuppystore.com